COVID-19 Frontline Fund


Our diocesan parishes are responding to the devastating coronavirus crisis, reaching out to the individuals and families suddenly made vulnerable. Volunteers across the diocese, all facing their own health risks, are courageously serving in frontline ministries. Episcopal Ministries is committed to supporting and honoring their faithful work. Christ is on the Frontline.

You can make a difference. Donate today!


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Amid the profound pain and fear that the coronavirus inflicts, God’s grace and love found expression as faithful individuals responded to care for others most affected by this crisis. And their remarkable, selfless efforts have helped sustain our neighbors who are struggling.

And now we need your help to continue these ministries. With millions of people out of work, soaring food insecurity and vulnerable people pushed further to the margins, each of us must do our part. With your support of the EMLI Covid-19 Frontline Fund, these parish ministries will continue to be a lifeline for the many people who depend on them.

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